How can we help?

How can we help?

How can we help?

How can we help?

How can we help you with your business in France?

We have been in business and have worked in the training business since 1993 in France, including the setting up of businesses throughout France.

Our speciality is working with training and teaching businesses, although we have also helped other businesses to start-up, streamline and exceed objectives.

We deal in real, practical and pragmatic advice to help both new and established businesses start up or get even better.

We don’t deal in blah, blah, we deal in real – we want to see our clients thrive and succeed, whilst staying on the right side of French law.

We can help with the following :

  • Conducting a SWOT for your new or existing business along with Action plans for amelioration.
  • Helping build and advising on building a Five-year strategic business plan.
  • Building a 3-year operational plan.
  • Setting out a solid previsional sales forecast.
  • Building a business case to present to French investors and French banks.
  • Accompaniment and translation of a business case to investors or bank.
  • Setting up a business dashboard to help keep the finger on the pulse of a business.
  • Setting up a complete computer architecture for a training company with all relevant documents.
  • Auditing an existing company – setting a continuous improvement action plan.
  • Building a company website including mobile and tablet configuration.
  • Building an E-Learning site along with pedagogical content.
  • Practical help in setting up a social media campaign for your business.
  • Practical help and advice for what you need to start a business.
  • Practical help and advice for what you need to stay legal in France with the administration.
  • If you don’t see it here, just ask us…

How can we help you and your business? 

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