The ACCRE – Aid for the creation of a business

The ACCRE - Aid for the creation of a business

The ACCRE – Aid for the creation of a business

The ACCRE Aid for the creation of a business (Aide aux Chômeurs Créateurs ou Repreneurs d’Entreprise)

The ACCRE – Aid for the creation of a business, gives temporary exemption from social charges and qualifies for financial help in the creation or takeover of a company, no matter what the size.

Those entitled to the ACCRE are:

  • Beneficiaries or their spouse or partner on revenu de solidarité active (RSA).
  • Job seekers on unemployment benefits.
  • Those meeting the conditions for the “Emploi Jeunes” contract, hired under this system whose contract was terminated before the end of the contract.
  • People on unemployment benefits or ACRP (Allocation de convention de reclassement personnalisé).
  • Job seekers, not receiving benefits, registered at the Pôle Emploi for 6 months over the past 18 months.
  • Recipients of the allocation de solidarité spécifique (ASS).
  • Employees or those made redundant / fired from a company that is in financial difficulty, judicial reorganisation or liquidation, who take all or part of the business if they commit to invest capital to the level of the aid received and to raise additional capital contributions of at least equal to half of the aid.
  • Those who have concluded a contract to support the business project (contract CAPE), if they meet one of the above conditions.
  • Individuals starting a business in a sensitive urban area.
  • Beneficiaries of the supplement for free choice of activity (CLCA).

In addition, to qualify for the ACCRE, the recipient must create or acquire a business in their own name, or in the name of their future company.

When a company name is used, a further condition must be met to qualify for the ACCRE : the person must exercise effective control over the company, this means:

  • Either they hold more than half of the share capital of the company.
  • Or they manage the company as a director and hold at least one third of the capital (alone or as a family with at least a quarter of the capital personally) provided that any other partner does not hold directly or indirectly more than half of the capital.

Note that to claim the ACCRE, as in a proposed takeover of a company by the buying of shares, the beneficiary must manage the company in the role of director.

To qualify for the ACCRE, the business creator or buyer must submit a separate application form no later than 45 days after the beginning of the activity of the new company.

Justification to prove that the person can benefit from the ACCRE will also be asked for.

The URSSAF must respond to a claim for the ACCRE within a period of one month from the filing of the ACCRE application.

The beneficiary of the ACCRE gets help in the form of exemption from social security contributions for a period of 12 months.

This ACCRE exemption applies to insurance contributions for sickness, maternity, pension, widowhood, disability and death and the family allowances.

Other social charges and taxes (CSG-CRDS, au risque accident du travail, à la retraite complémentaire, au Fnal, à la formation professionnelle continue et au versement transport) are not eligible for the ACCRE and will remain to be duly paid.

These exemptions apply to a maximum of 120% of the minimum wage (SMIC) in force on 1 January of the year in which the exemption is applicable, that is to say, on a base of 9.61€ an hour gross for 2015 –  (21 119 € pour 2016).

People receiving unemployment or other benefits from The Pôle Emploi and eligible for the ACCRE are entitled, under certain conditions, to continue to receive temporary benefits at the same rate as they received them before they created or took over a business.

These conditions must be met for at least 2 years

Claimants of the ACCRE can also claim payment of the ACCRE in the form of a lump sum : The first half will be paid at the beginning of the activity and the balance 6 months later.

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